Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese healing technique that involves scraping your skin with the massage tool to achieve multiple benefits, including increase circulation, bringing in nutrients and boosting collagen.Your skin is the largest organ in the body so it is important to have a ritual that assists in transforming and nurturing your skin all over. By using your crystal Gua Sha, your activating your body to nourish your skin in a deep way for revitalization and Ayurvedic lifting and toning in massage. The Bending Gua Sha shape upper V section works beautifully for areas such as the nose, high cheek bones and fingers. The rounded corners are perfect for the waist abdomen, shoulders and the bottom curves are great for the lower jaw, shoulder and neck. Focusing on these areas with your Gua Sha will help you work through irregular tension and weakness in the muscles to produce a smoother, brighter look and vitality.

Material - White Jade


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